Long & Low Limited

hot on the trail

An eclectic, yet refined brand celebrating the basset hound.

"Hot On The Trail"

Parlez-vous francais? No? Neither do we, but we do know (thanks to Google) that in French the word "basset" means “rather low,” which is fitting given that their stubby little legs keep their bodies so close to the ground, creating the immediately recognizable low profile. 


While their legs appear shrunken, the rest of the body remains comparable to many other scent hound breeds, making their bodies and ears appear long in comparison. Bundle these features up and this is where we came up with the inspiration for the Long & Low brand (and who isn’t a sucker for quality alliteration?).

Long & Low Limited aspires to depict, in an original, fun manner, exactly what the brand is inspired by: The basset hound.


About Us

Columbus based husband and wife team, Oney and Samantha Snyder, are the proud "pawrents" of two basset hound puppies, Curd & Tagalong. By day, Oney works as a Real Estate Attorney while Samantha manages commercial properties. By night, they create, design, and develop the
Long & Low brand.

While browsing the internet looking for basset hound themed apparel to purchase, everything was coming up short. They wanted to create a brand they would be proud to wear. With that, Oney began designing one-of-a-kind artwork, while Samantha put on her "management" hat, creating an eclectic, yet refined brand for all basset lovers to enjoy.


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What People Are Saying...

I love, love, love small businesses! The designs are awesome and I can't wait to wear my new shirt!